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The fastest system for hair removal

Revolutionize your treatment time with Hyper Pulse ALT (Advanced Light Technology). Are you looking for a game-changing technology to improve your clinic's productivity? look no further than Hyper Pulse ALT. Our cutting-edge technology offers lightning-fast treatments, with full-body sessions taking only 18 minutes, and legs treated in less than 10 minutes. This means you can see more clients each day and watch your revenues skyrocket.

ALT and LASER Hair Removal systems - the ultimate one-stop solution for clinics. 

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Experience the future of aesthetics with Hyper Pulse Combolight, the world's fastest hair removal system. 
Unlock the potential for 5 full-body treatments in just one hour, setting a new industry standard for efficiency.
What makes Hyper Pulse Combolight truly groundbreaking, is the fusion of ALT, Laser, and RF technologies into a single, powerful system. 
Faster, safer, and more precise than ever before, this innovative solution elevates your clinic's capabilities to unprecedented heights.
Hyper Pulse Combolight offers a diverse range of treatments, all within one advanced system. 
From hair removal to various aesthetic procedures, the possibilities are vast. 
Prepare to expand your customer base rapidly, run a highly profitable business, and increase customer satisfaction.
Join the revolution with Hyper Pulse Combolight – where speed meets precision, transforming your clinic into a hub of cutting-edge aesthetic treatments. 
Embrace the future of aesthetics and elevate your success to new heights.

Introducing Hyper Pulse Combolight: Elevating Aesthetics to Extraordinary Heights 


Hyper Pluse Purplelight


Meet Purplelight, our cutting-edge device designed to revolutionize hair removal, as well as a range of skin and body treatments. This innovative system skillfully combines various wavelengths at specific frequencies, delivering precise energy doses for optimal effectiveness. Powered by advanced light beam technology, Purplelight offers non-invasive treatments that swiftly regenerate collagen and elastin in skin tissue.

At the heart of the Hyper Pulse system is Purplelight's integration of body skin tightening technology. This unique feature naturally activates skin tissue, omitting the need for chemical agents or invasive measures. What sets Purplelight apart is its ability to deliver exceptional results without requiring special preparation or recovery time, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for your clients.

Step into the future of aesthetics with Hyper Pulse ALT's Purplelight – where precision, innovation, and comfort converge to redefine the landscape of non-invasive treatments. Elevate your clinic's offerings and provide clients with a transformative experience that enhances both their skin and confidence.

Hyper Pluse Masterlight


Prepare to experience a revolution in skin texture and hair removal treatments with the groundbreaking Masterlight, a key component of the Hyper Pulse ALT method. Masterlight seamlessly integrates two cutting-edge technologies to deliver unparalleled precision and efficacy.

At the core of Masterlight is ALT, which stands for Accumulative Light Torrent Technology. This advanced light-based technology achieves unprecedented levels of precision and speed, delivering an impressive 5 powerful pulses per second with up to 40/65 Joule/Cm2. What sets Masterlight apart is its expansive maximal coverage area, reaching up to 7.5 cm2, ensuring swift and comprehensive treatments.

Say farewell to traditional methods as Masterlight transforms the landscape of skin and hair treatments. Hyper Pulse ALT's Masterlight is where innovation meets perfection, setting a new standard in the industry with results that go beyond expectations. Embrace the future of aesthetic treatments with Masterlight, redefining excellence one pulse at a time.

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Quickest treatments

Hyper Pulse ALT: Lightning-fast treatments, unmatched results.

experience a game-changer in treatment speed with Hyper Pulse ALT. Achieve a full-body treatment in just 18 minutes, and legs in under 10 minutes. Maximize your client capacity, increase satisfaction, and watch your revenues soar. Welcome to the future of quick, effective, and efficient treatments with Hyper Pulse ALT.

Remarkable results
in less time

Leo: Effortless elegance, extraordinary efficiency

Indulge in the epitome of refinement with Leo, where innovative ALT Hyper Pulse technologies weave a tapestry of exquisite results in minimal time. Offering the fastest and safest skin treatments and hair removal, Leo combines elegance with efficiency, ensuring a luxurious experience with minimal discomfort and swift recovery. Step into a realm of sophistication where Leo's approach to beauty is as remarkable as it is refined.

Faster ROI

Your time is money!  Whether you’re a small clinic or large chain, the maths is clear: faster treatments with minimal recovery time allows you to achieve a faster return on your investment. 



Multiple applications, one incredibly versatile device

Upgrade to Leo’s cutting-edge Hyper Pulse ALT solutions and enjoy ultra-versatile devices that cater to various skin and hair treatments.

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Want to start offering a wider menu of treatments but don’t have the resources for multiple devices?
Whether you choose to invest in Leo’s Purplelight or Masterlight, you can offer up to 8 treatments from a single device. From hair removal and skin rejuvenation to skin tightening, you’ll become the only clinic your clients will ever need to visit.

Make your clinic a one-stop aesthetic treatment destination 







Body Skin Tightening




Skin Tone



Toenail Fungal Treatment

By investing in Leo, not only are you upgrading your facility by providing your clients with the latest in skincare technology, but you’re increasing your clinic’s capacity and revenue.

Happier clients

Increase client retention by offering fast, safe and painless treatments for all skin and hair types.

Instantly expands your offering

Increase your client base and repeat visits by offering a comprehensive treatment menu – investing in one Leo solution.


Enjoy rapid ROI

By increasing client throughput up to 20% per day, Leo will pay for itself in only months.

With no consumables whatsoever!

Protect staff wellbeing

Working with Leo is a joy. The absence of a foot pedal and the ergonomic applicator alleviate fatigue and combat staff burnout effectively.

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