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Get to know THE WORLD'S FASTEST DEVICE for non-invasive aesthetic treatments

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Benefits and Results

  • Faster & Painless

  • Two groundbreaking technologies

  • Maximal coverage area of up to 7.5 cm2

  • Cooling technology, that uses focused freezing to generate ongoing numbing throughout the entire treatment, turning the treatment pain-free

  • Importantly, this process harms chromoform cells without inflicting damage to the skin tissue.

  • Advanced light beam which delivers five powerful light pulses in one second

  • Ability to match the wavelengths to the various types of skin treatments

  • Does not require in-depth medical knowledge and it is incredibly safe to use.

  • The innovative work applicator is ergonomically designed and includes a Graviton component that cancels the stress of gravity on the wrist

  • The Rapid Super Gliding system enables speedy coverage of
    larger work areas and by which shortens the required treatment
    time up to 18 minutes for a full body treatment

  • This technology enables to provide a range of different aesthetic treatments in a much safer way

  • Effective treatment, in less time, which translates into a meaningful increase in
    business revenues

  • User friendly and easy to operate, which means shorter treatment sessions and increased business profits

Hyper Pulse Masterlight


Hair removal



Problematic skin

Body Skin Tightening

SF Facelift

Uniform Skin Tone

Skin Rejuvenation

Toenail Fungal Treatment

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